If you’re a go-getter looking to grow and develop your skills within an established organization, HCC is the place for you.

Since 1883, HCC has been a major innovator in agricultural harvesting equipment and farm products. Our employees invented the first commercial grain weigher, the H.D. Hume pickup reel, and the floating cutter bar. Over the years, we expanded, diversified, and merged with other cutting-edge agricultural firms to become the world’s largest producer of reels, sieves, and chaffers for combines. Today, our products are complex steel assemblies used in a variety of industries.

HCC continues to develop and test new materials and products designed for performance. With over 100 years of experience and advances in technology, we are well-suited for motivated people looking for long-lasting and secure employment.

Our employment philosophy is based on teamwork and excellence, and we believe our employees are our greatest asset. If you’re looking to grow and learn in an established organization, please see below for our current open positions.

Open Positions:

HCC, Inc.
1501 First Avenue
Mendota, Illinois 61342-0952

Phone: 815.539.9371 ext 272

HCC, Curitiba
R. do Semeador, 262
Curitiba – PR, 81270-050, Brazil

Phone: 55 41 3027-9301